South Mountain Martial Arts 91 Main Street, Madison New Jersey 07940-1849
Jujitsu/Sumo: (973) 822-1977 (Email) | Kenpo/Fencing: (973) 906-3503 (Email)
Adult Class Schedule:
Tues.:   8: 00-9:30 PM Class; 9:30-10:00 PM Open Mat
Wed.:   Drill & Fitness * ..... 6:30 - 8:00 PM
: 8: 00-9:30 PM Class; 9:30-10:00 PM Open Mat
Sat.:     11:30 - 1:00 PM
We offer children's sessions for a small number of students. Parents should be aware that our instruction is not appropriate for children under the age of eight. Please send an email to for more information. Do not call for information about children's sessions. -Fees: $120.00 per month for access to all group classes, except fencing:  New students will also need an activity appropriate keikogi (practice uniform). Insurance fees may be required. -Discount for two or more family members, for all group classes, except fencing: $100.00/month, each. *Please Note:
There will be no randori or free play during this session.
      Ju Jitsu
-Throws & takedowns
-Submission grappling (e.g., locks, chokes, holds, & transitions.)
- Ethical self defense techniques, including specialized atemi (strikes).
-Many opportunities for drill, form practice, light interactions, & full free play.
-Interactive computer apps which provide evidence based
exercises for increased mental clarity and focused activity
Our Ju Jitsu is a form of classical judo, a practical & sophisticated form of combative grappling. It is a balanced system of recreation in which the elements of  personal development, freeplay (randori), & training in self defense are given equal weight. Instruction in South Mountain Ju Jitsu includes:
SMMA is located on the top floor of 91 Main Street, in Madison, above the elegant British Home Emporium. The trip up the stairs is well worth the effort! Some visitors feel that SMMA is a pleasant surprise - "hidden in plain sight".
As opposed to the ways that throws must be  performed in our free play sessions, a two on one arm throw, from an outside grip, which lands an opponent face down, can be very effective in self defense.
A variant of a powerful free play arm lock technique,  which can be used for self defense. At SMMA, freeplay with knowledgeable, resisting opponent's creates real ability, without false confidence.
The reverse scarf hold is a particularly powerful, crushing ground hold, which can lead to submission techniques. The naked choke is used to apply pressure to the sides of the neck, & not the fragile trachea. At SMMA, chokes are allowed in freeplay among older students. Neck locks may be discussed, but their actual use is forbidden. Although their goals in training and their requirements for promotion differ, all of our students must participate in randori (freeplay) on a regular basis. The intensity of this activity is often suggested by the instructor of the class, but must be subject to a mutual agreement between each pair of participants. South Mountain Martial Arts can provide very challenging competition or an extremely light form of randori, depending upon the needs of each student.
A ranking system based upon true merit. In our system, promotions take time; they are only awarded when a student is judged to be truly prepared for advancement. All students of our koryu judo must demonstrate a rank-appropriate level of knowledge of fighting techniques and strategies, and they must also gain proficiency in randori. Participation in contests is not required for advancement in rank, but success in contest would certainly be considered as a factor in determining a student's readiness for promotion.
A practical martial art for active, thoughtful people - contest optional. Freeplay Techniques Which can be Adapted for Self Defense -In all of our classes, our goal is to provide uncompromised, professional instruction, in a challenging and supportive environment.
-At all times, we follow the modern rules for the safe practice of randori ("live" freeplay). However, we practice ju jitsu as a martial art, without regard to petty technicalities which might either score points or draw penalties in a contest venue.
-The training in our dojo is vigorous, but all who participate are considerate. We firmly believe that the weak and the unprepared need the skills of ju jitsu more than others, and not less. We all share relevant knowledge, and we all encourage progress in the art.
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