Anthony Lashley

instructor of nanzan kenpo

Anthony Lashley has studied the martial arts for most of his life thus far. He began training in martial arts at the age of seven, with Taekwondo and later Goshi Shun Karate and Nagasa Ryu JiuJitsu. He supplemented his training with 2 seasons of High School Varsity Wrestling at St. Benedict's Prep, Newark NJ. After college, Anthony trained in BJJ until he suffered a torn labrum. He then studied a rare form of Taijiquan which focused not just on health, but also upon the combat form of the art. Anthony then discovered South Mountain Martial Arts and has been studying under Dayn DeRose in Nanzan Kempo, having earned the veryrare Chuden Menkyo-Instructor License/black belt in 2013. He also practices Jujitsu and Sambo at SMMA, serving as a consultant concerning the instruction of all striking at SMMA.