SAMBO is a Russian language acronym name which stands for "self defense without weapons" ("samo-oberona bes orusiya" or "samozaschita bes orusiya"). At the SMMA studio, SAMBO is taught as both a sport and as a method of self defense.


SAMBO is widely known for its throws, its take-downs and its grappling, especially it's repertoire of leg-locks. It originated as a widely and deeply researched Soviet military response to early Japanese judo.  It's originators made an exhaustive study of the world's prominent self-defense methods, both unarmed and "minimally armed" (e.g., knives, short sticks, entrenching tools, et cetera ).


SAMBO has applications for unarmed self-defense, restraint and control, and for sport/physical training. Our SAMBO syllabus includes all of the techniques of the three 3 major forms of SAMBO (i.e., SAMBO wrestling, freestyle SAMBO wrestling - which includes chokes- and combat SAMBO, a style of all-in fighting).

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Combat SAMBO is an all in fighting art. Sport SAMBO is a form of grappling, practiced worldwide. Please Note: Qualified participants in our jujitsu and our kenpo sessions may elect to be ranked in SAMBO, and they may participate in properly sanctioned SAMBO contests.