Judo & Jujitsu


South Mountain Jujitsu is our form of classical judo, the powerful, practical, & sophisticated method of combative grappling which gave rise to the modern era of the martial arts. More than mere jacket wrestling, & far more than a struggle for petty points & penalties among the hyperfit, our forms of judo & jujitsu are balanced, consuming, lifetime activities which sharpen both the body & the mind - and, in which the elements of  personal development, freeplay (randori), & training in practical, yet ethical, self defense are given equal weight. ( Note: Students may also train in Kodokan judo.) 


Instruction in our form of jujitsu includes:
- Throws & takedowns
- Submission grappling (e.g., locks, chokes, holds, & transitions.) 
- Ethical self defense instruction, including atemi waza (strikes). 
- Many opportunities for drill, form practice, light interactions, & free play.


Our training is vigorous, but all participants must be considerate. 
Our goal is to provide consistent, uncompromised, professional instruction, in a challenging & supportive environment. We believe that the weak & the unprepared need the skills of judo & jujitsu more than others & not less.



We practice both judo and jujitsu as martial arts, but we follow rules for the safe practice of randori ("live" freeplay) at all times. Our dojo is an affiliate of the U.S.J.J.O., the only U.S.affiliate of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation. 
The J.J.I.F. holds the jujitsu events in the World Games, etc.